Class of 1992 Fall 2018 Class Note

Jenine Serviolo

P.O. Box 173

Waldoboro, ME 04572



Greetings, Class of ’92.

Since late 2011 I’ve been putting together our class notes. It has been a fun way to keep in touch with our alma mater and see who is doing what — but it’s time for me to pass the torch to someone else from the Class of 1992. This will be my last class notes submission.

As usual, the Class of 1992 has been industrious. Down in Florida Tracy Smith McLaughlin ’05G, a veteran educator, became the inaugural principal of the new school, Discovery Oaks Elementary School. Back in Maine, David Morris was named the new Bangor High School football coach while Roger Crouse was appointed general manager of the Kennebec Water District. Congratulations to all on their moving and shaking.

Enrie D’Escoubet shared his UMaine Memory: “I resided at Knox Hall, third floor east wing for most of my time. I was a psychology major and I had many, many friends mostly in Knox, Cumberland, Dunn, Penobscot, and Stillwater through my five years, 1987-’92. Yes, I loved college that much that I stayed an extra year for a business minor.”

Following his graduation from UMaine Ernie went straight to an MBA program at the University of Miami, graduating from there in 1994. As of his April 2018 message he had not yet made it back to UMaine for Homecoming. Hope that changes soon!