Class of 1993 Spring 2018 Class Note

Patty Sheridan Koetzner

115 Dogwood Avenue

Malverne, NY 11565

(516) 599-5044


REUNION October 26-28 at Homecoming


The Class of 1993 will be celebrating our 25th Reunion this October. The Alumni Association and the class alumni planning committee are going to work to make it an amazing event.

The event will kick off on Friday, October 26 with tours in the afternoon of all the new buildings on campus (i.e. Astronomy Center). There will be a Welcome Home Reception at the Buchanan Alumni House from 6-8 pm (time subject to change). The committee is considering organizing an event Friday at a local restaurant to follow.

Saturday will kick off with a three-hour tailgate hosted by the Alumni Association, which will include food and either a cash bar or BYOB format. The afternoon is still in the planning stages.

The planning committee also discussed getting a block of rooms at one of the local hotels for our class and then holding an event that evening at the hotel.

The plan may also include some fundraising events for our class scholarship fund, which currently has only $4,000 in funds. We will be working with the University of Maine Foundation to find a clever way to incorporate fundraising into our weekend.

Please reach out to me directly to have input in the planning process at The more input and ideas received, the greater the success of the weekend. Think about being the coordinator of your group of friends and plan to attend as a group. Ideally, we would like to see as many as people as possible attend.

Hopefully, by the next time this article comes out we will have planned out a complete schedule of events.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at our 25th Reunion.