Class of 1994 Winter 2022 Note

Hello, classmates. We hope you are enduring the winter reasonably well. Did you see the news that Coburn and Holmes
Halls are being renovated and turned into on-campus hotels? Let’s hope they are finished before our 30th Reunion in
2024! That is a not-so subtle-hint that you should mark your calendars now and plan to meet us there.
Election day this year brought the following results:
Matthew Foster was unseated in his bid for reelection as district attorney for Hancock and Washington counties. Matthew
had served as district attorney since 2014. Speaking of politics, your own class columnist, Beth Watson Calhoun, was
reelected as Oxford County Treasurer. Michael Crooker ’98G is the new county administrator for Hancock County.
Michael was previously the town manager of Winterport and also worked for the city of Bangor and the town of Glenburn.
Jon Christopher has stepped down as the athletic director at Skowhegan High School but will still work for the school
department to maintain the athletic fields for the middle and high school. Both of his children play college basketball and
he wanted to be able to attend their games!