Class of 2000 Winter 2021 Class Note

Hi everyone,

Here’s some of the news. There’s lots more, but we need a class correspondent
to help report it in future columns.

Wendy Hughes Baker, assistant vice president, wealth management at R.M.
Davis, passed the certified financial planner exam last spring. Wendy lives in
New Gloucester, ME, with her husband and two sons. She has been with the firm
since 2004.

Brendan Walsh, former hockey co-captain, is now a detective in the Boston
Police Department and a member of the drug control unit in Roxbury. The
COVID-19 pandemic has made his job more challenging. “It’s harder to do your
job with social distancing,” he reported. Brendan has been with the Boston Police
Department for 14 years. Besides his police work, he plays for the Boston Police
Department hockey team and in a pickup league.

Alfie Michaud reacted to the killing of George Floyd and other instances of racial
violence and injustice in a personal way. UMaine’s former goalie, who is now an
assistant coach at his alma mater, recalled his encounters with local police as an
indigenous hockey player in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. He was frequently the
target of racial profiling. He said he feels hope, however. “Try understanding
each other,” he said.

The Alumni Association is looking for someone to write this column for the Class
of 2000. It’s a simple job, and the Alumni Association helps news. Please email if you would like to become the author of the class

Stay well, everyone!