Class of 2005 Summer 2019 Class Note

Mary (Gatchell-Fenderson) Gauvin

Hello, Class of 2005!

I hope you are doing well and enjoying whatever weather Mother Nature is throwing your way. We are continuing to enjoy Germany, although by the time this column is published, we will be subject to the needs of the Army and headed off to another location.

We found out that Team Gauvin is D.C.-bound this summer! We look forward to catching up with other Capitol-Living Black Bears!

It was an amazing experience and we know we want to come back to Germany. Visiting 16 countries in a calendar year definitely solidifies a travel bug. I only have seven states before I visit all 50, while my husband, Nick ’06, is missing a mere four. We are grateful to have the opportunity to visit and live in places we only dreamed of. Spending time with people from all over the world is invaluable!

Congratulations to Chris Bahl, who wrote that he was awarded a TED Fellowship. Chris is head of protein design at the Institute for Protein Innovation. He was selected for his pioneering work on the de novo design of novel mini- proteins and constrained peptides, an innovative approach for creating therapeutics with the potential to tackle long-standing challenges in medicine and human health.

The TED fellowship enables Chris to share his research and work with a wide audience.

Hey, friends — we know you are out there doing great things! Please don’t hesitate to share your news!