Class of 2005 Summer 2021 Class Note

Mary (Gatchell-Fenderson) Gauvin

Late 2020 and early 2021 have been a wild time to live in the National Capital Region. Here’s hoping that you and yours are healthy and safe. 
Congratulations to Michael Rocque on his article (written in partnership with University of Maine professor emeritus Steve Barkan), “Socioeconomic Status and Racism as Fundamental Causes of Street Criminality” (published in Critical Criminology), which was awarded the 2020 Outstanding Contribution Award by The Division of Biopsychosocial Criminology of the American Society of Criminology. Well done! Michael is associate professor of sociology at Bates College.
Erik Gundersen recently sat on a panel discussing recreational marijuana sales in Maine following the beginning of sales in October of 2020. Erik is the director of the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy. He was appointed in 2019, and oversees the office that handles licensing, regulation, and oversight of the state’s medical and adult-use marijuana programs. 
Alexis Stevens checked in from Brooklyn, NY. After UMaine, she earned her MBA at NYU. She has worked in sustainable agriculture, and in programs making fresh produce accessible to low-income people in urban areas. She currently works for BlueApron as a senior national category manager, produce.