Class of 2006 Winter 2021 Class Note

Hi classmates! I hope by the time this is printed, life has normalized a little.
Wishful thinking? As I’m writing this, my twins have just started fourth grade
virtually, which has been a challenge for all of us.

Here are some updates from our classmates: Kristen McAlpine was promoted to
assistant vice president, senior business development officer at First National
Bank in Bangor. Congratulations!

I’m excited to share that our classmate Maulian Dana received a 2020 Maryann
Hartman Award. Maryann Hartman Awards recognize the inspirational
achievements of Maine women in areas of the arts, politics, business, education,
health care, and community service. Maulian became the first-ever Penobscot
Nation ambassador in 2017. She advocates for equity and social justice for
Native Americans. She has worked to strengthen programs that preserve and
teach the customs and traditions of the Penobscot people. A big highlight in
Maulian’s career has been her activism about how Native American mascots are
harmful. In 2019 Gov. Janet Mills signed a law banning schools from using
Native American mascots. Maine was the first state in the nation to sign a law
like this.

Alex Chaiken was named a partner at Miller Law & Mediation in Portland. He
previously worked at the firm Hunter Chaiken and served as a volunteer law clerk
for the District and Superior Courts at the Penobscot Judicial Center in Bangor.
In hockey news, Derek Damon recently announced his retirement after a 14-year
career. Derek played in five European countries, most recently with Heilbronner
Falken of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL 2) in Germany the last two
seasons. Derek and his wife and three children are planning to leave Germany
and return to their home in Florida. Unfortunately, his last season was cancelled
right before the playoffs due to COVID-19. Derek has a master’s degree in sports
management and plans to stay involved in the sport.

Congratulations to Jimmy Howard and his wife, Rachel Miller Howard ’07, who
recently welcomed their fourth child, Louis, in March 2020. Jimmy is a 13-year
NHL veteran, currently playing for the Detroit Red Wings.

Shannon Thompson is working as an emergency department nurse in
Bellingham, WA, 90 miles north of where the first confirmed case of coronavirus
was announced in the US. Thank you to Shannon and all healthcare workers!

Classmates, would someone consider taking over the column for me? It’s not a
huge time commitment, but I'm trying to take some things off my plate.