Class of 2009 Winter 2021 Class Note

Greetings, Class of ’09 — here’s hoping that 2021 brings good things. Last year
was certainly challenging in many ways!

One class member who made the best of the pandemic is Joshua Bridges. Early
in the pandemic, together with his wife, Megan ’10G, and children they recreated
famous works of art. In one recreated Raphael painting, their daughter, Blake,
sports cherubic wings crafted from Reny’s shopping bags. The family also
recreated works by Frido Kahlo, Van Gogh, and other artists.

Congratulations to Jon Moody G, who became superintendent of schools for
MSAD 54 (Skowhegan and vicinity) last spring. He previously served as MSAD
54 assistant superintendent.

Thank you to Kyle Maynard for writing in. Kyle is working as an accountant for
Beam Dental in Columbus, OH.

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