Class of 2010 gift – Traditions Garden

The Class of 2010 created a Traditions Garden which is located outside of the Buchanan Alumni House. This Garden highlights ten important traditions that shape the history of the University, and is built beside the walkway that enters into the McIntire Main Event Room. The garden includes a stepping stone path, benches and plantings. Informational plaques mounted on posts along the path  includes a description of each of the following traditions: the All-Maine Women and the Sophomore Eagles, the Senior Skulls and the Sophomore Owls, Maine Day and Ivy Day, the Beanie and the Maine Hello, and the Mascot and the “Stein Song.”

The Class of 2010 was very fortunate to be able to place their gift at the entrance to the McIntire Room because it is where the majority of the visitors to Buchanan enter the building. The popularity of this entrance ensures that the Garden will be enjoyed by a large number of guests. The building is used by alumni, current students, visitors, and by the Dirigo Tour Guides, when they show off our campus to potential students.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony, Homecoming 2010