Class of 2010 Winter 2022 Class Note

Hello, Class of 2010! I hope everyone had a happy and healthy 2021.

Justin Brown began working at Sebago Technics in 2015. More recently, he has achieved licensure and has been promoted to project surveyor. Justin will develop in his role of survey project management and professional land surveyor, while also continuing to lead field surveys. Congratulations to Justin on the promotion, and best of luck in the new role!

Another classmate, Thomas Schwartz, also deserves compliments for his work as an assistant professor of chemical engineering at the University of Maine. Thomas recently received a $513,995 National Science Foundation CAREER Award to continue his research of the Lebedev process, a chemical reaction used to make butadiene from biomass-derived ethanol. Well-deserved award and thank you, Thomas, for continuing to give back to the University of Maine by working with and educating current and future Black Bears!

As always, please remember that if you or another classmate has experienced a personal or professional accomplishment or has news to share with the class, send me a note through email or social media so it can be included in future columns.

Have a great 2022 and I look forward to catching up with you all soon.