Class of 2011 Winter 2020 Class Note

Charles Hastings

Hi everyone, here’s the news I received about our classmates —

Jessica Begin Milliken, who earned her bachelor’s in psychology, wrote that after graduation, she “moved to Florida and just completed my master’s degree in criminal justice studies at Florida State University. For the past eight years I’ve also been working full time with the Florida Highway Patrol in communications. I am currently a duty officer supervisor/training supervisor for our center. After eight years away from Maine I am looking to moving back, with my husband and our two children (and two dogs). I am also pursuing a second master’s degree in social work so I can become a licensed clinical social worker.”

Troy Marshall Steffensen Barnies, who received his BA in kinesiology, has been playing professional basketball in Europe for eight years. He returns home to Maine every summer.

Chuck Hastings ’13G, ’14G earned his BA in communication. He lives in Yarmouth, ME, with his wife, Samantha, whom he married last summer. Chuck currently works in Logistics for Sappi North America.

Maire Dineen was the field hockey team captain at UMaine. She is now married to Curtis Peppinck and resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Kevin Price wrote to say that he and his wife, Maria Fournier Price “welcomed our daughter, Sofia, in March. Sofia is our first.”

Stacey Gomm Harris, project superintendent at Consigli Construction, was featured in Construction Productivity Blog as one of 30 construction superintendents in the US who are changing the industry. In the interview Stacey expressed her enthusiasm for engineering and construction work, her love of hunting and fishing, and joked that if she didn’t work in construction, she’d be a Disney princess.