Class of 2012 Summer 2021 Class Note

Hannah Hudson and Kristina McTigue

Jennifer Stoudt lives in Attleboro, MA, and works just over the state border in the Providence, RI, public schools. 
Luke Saindon, who was co-founder of UMaine’s Formula SAE team, which designs high-performing racecars, was part of a team that launched an experimental bio-fueled rocket with bluShift Aerospace. Luke is a senior mechanical engineer for the company. He has experience in the defense and aerospace sectors, the design and building of a sounding rocket, development of hybrid oxidizer control systems and an engineering internship at Applied Thermal Sciences, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. 
Michael Arell, the director of music for Veazie Community School, recorded a Christmas album and pledged to donate profits from it to the Good Shepherd Food Bank. In addition to teaching at Veazie Community School, Michael also directs music for Saint Mary’s Church. His album is available for streaming on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, and a digital copy of the full album can be purchased for $10.
Kylie Low moved back to Maine from New York City during the pandemic and started a podcast, Dark Downeast, about true crime in Maine and New England. As she explains on her website, “Dark Downeast is my passion project — the true amalgamation of my education, career, interests and super-powers all wrapped into a podcast covering stories from my home state and beyond.” For stories about crime in both the recent and distant past, visit: