Class of 2015 Summer 2022 Class Note

Hello Class of 2015, and happy summer! Here are a few updates from our classmates. As always, please feel free to reach out with any news you have to share.

Joe Turcotte was promoted as an applications developer at Geiger in Lewiston.

Two classmates published books:

Antonio Addessi recently published a full-length book of poetry, Sleeptalking, distributed through Rebel Satori Press. Antonio is an Iraqi War veteran who teaches for Columbia University’s Veteran Creative Writing Workshop and the Manhattan Veterans Affairs Center’s Creative Writing Workshop.

Romany Hetta G published the first Arabic translation of Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitude by Jacques Ellul. Ellul’s book was first published in 1962 and translated into English three years later. It was part of Romany’s studies with his advisor, Prof. Michael Socolow, on campus. Socolow tweeted his delight when Romany’s translation was published in Cairo, Egypt.