Class of 2015 Winter 2022 Class Note

Congratulations to Ronnie Turner, who started last fall as an assistant men’s basketball coach at Bates College. Ronnie previously coached the boys’ varsity basketball team at Lewiston High School, and his time there was the subject of a documentary by filmmaker Zamzam Elmoge titled Everything Earned, which followed the brother-like relationships Ronnie cultivated with his players and the inspirational impacts they made on one another through basketball. You can find the Everything Earned official trailer on YouTube — I recommend giving it a watch.

Hillary Morin Peterson was featured in a column by Bill Nemitz over the summer (Portland Press Herald, June 13, 2021) discussing one of Maine’s biggest news stories of the year — a”mass die-off” of insects at Wells Beach. Hillary is the president of the Maine Entomological Society, and ‘dazzled’ Nemitz with her knowledge of and enthusiasm for the insect world. Also highlighted in the column was Hillary’s discovery of a new wasp species, which she named Ormocerus dirigoius in a nod to Maine’s state motto, Dirigo (meaning “I lead”).

Congratulations also to Courtney Anderson England, who was promoted this year to associate head coach of the UMaine women’s basketball team. Courtney’s been with the program since 2017, and also spent four years as a student-athlete.

Another congratulations to Theresa Copeland, who was promoted earlier this year to human resources manager at PepsiCo.

Finally, some news on the home front — I was pleased to start a new position earlier this year as an energy policy analyst with the Governor’s Energy Office, working to advance the state’s policies addressing climate change and growing our clean energy economy. And, more recently, Ellie Bate Tremblay ’14, ’21G and I celebrated our marriage on the most glorious autumn weekend surrounded by family, friends, and more than a few fellow Black Bears.

If you have news to share about yourself or other classmates — professional achievements, personal milestones, special announcements, etc. — please don’t hesitate to be in touch!