Class of 2017 Winter 2024 Class Note

Hi everyone, we only have a few news items this time.

After majoring in chemistry at UMaine, Veronica Hayes completed her Ph.D. in physical chemistry in 2022. She currently works as a research and development scientist at MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions in Orange, CT.

Another chemistry graduate is Tessali Morrison ’20G. Tessali worked as a technical manufacturing chemist at Tessy Medical, where she was responsible for manufacturing buffers, processing oligos and enzymes, and producing the tests themselves. In 2021 she joined IDEXX Labs, where she works as a bioconjugation chemist and is involved in the development of various veterinary diagnostic tests.

OK — how about all of you non-chemistry majors? What are you doing? Visit and update your info or share your news with the Alumni Association.

Enjoy the rest of the winter!