Class of 2019 Summer 2021 Class Note

UMaine Alumni Association
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Hi, everyone — we hope you’re having a great summer. Here are some recent updates:
Marwa Hassanien G was elected vice chair of the Bangor School Committee. Marwa is an adjunct faculty member at Eastern Maine Community College, where she teaches English. 
Caroline Booth is an environmental specialist at Beals & Thomas, an engineering consultant firm in Southborough, MA. The firm provides a variety of services, from civil engineering to landscape architecture, land surveying, land use permitting, and environmental planning, so Caroline works on planning and permits for a wide range of projects. 
Bradley Butler is now working in Colorado as a clinical engineering technician. His experience at the VEMI lab, where he worked on his senior project, may have helped him land this position.
Adam Fortier-Brown is government relations manager for the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA). He is responsible for representing the legislative and regulatory interests of the MRAA and its members wherever issues concerning boating and marine retailers are discussed. Adam lives in Washington, DC.
Zoe Fluet lives in southern Maine and works as the showroom assistant at Creative Office Pavilion in Portland.
Lucy Feeney works in the engineering and environment divisions at Haley Ward, a technical consulting firm in Bangor, ME. 
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