Class of 2020 Winter 2022 Class Note

Class of 2020 updates
Julia Seymour
Julia is currently working towards her doctorate in occupational therapy.
She is the vice president of SOTA (Student Occupational Therapy Association), the COTAD (Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity) SOTA chair, and is also a student ambassador. She has traveled to Puerto Rico twice. Her current hobbiesinclude studying, listening to music, and walking dogs.
Samuel Varga
Samuel got married in September 2020. He worked for Stone Coast Fund Services in Portland for three months, then moved to Stephens, working in a Portland satellite office as equity research associate. He joined UBS in October, working in a similar equity research role, and is working remotely from Virginia.
MJ Sedlock
Mary Jean (MJ) Sedlock G is a senior lecturer, production manager and technical director within the School of Performing Arts, theatre/dance division, in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UMaine. MJ also serves as the president of University of Maine Faculty Senate. MJ enjoys all the usual Maine outdoors stuff, is a lover of theatre/performing arts, and enjoys cooking/baking as well as Maine’s
robust craft beer scene.
Annabelle Osborne
Annabelle moved to Boston and is working in the travel industry in a marketing coordinator role. She still writes these days but now a bit more for pleasure than academically.
Colby Rand
Colby moved to Bellingham, WA, this summer to pursue a master’s in environmental science at Western Washington University. His work focuses on the remote sensing of snow algae using satellites and drones. He is working directly with satellite imagery from NASA, the European Space Agency, the International Space Station, and a number of commercial satellite companies. Snow algae
decreases the albedo of snow, thus increasing snowmelt. Therefore, this work is important for better understanding how much snow is melting in polar and alpine regions around the world!
He completed fieldwork in the Cascades this summer, where he collected snow algae and black carbon samples from Mt. Rainier for work with WWU. Their research team also linked up with the North Cascades Glacier Climate Project to collect samples from high up on Mt. Baker. He spent a month this summer conducting drone surveys at the Jostedalsbreen Ice Cap in Western Norway for a separate research project. He also flew drones over three glacial valleys to construct 3D photogrammetry models, which will be helpful for deriving glacial erosion rates.
Jack Hilton
Jack G just became naturalized, which is a huge milestone! He is applying to the University of Kentucky’s Doctor of Social Work program. He has been working as an inpatient psychiatric clinician at Acadia since June 2020 and feels that he has grown in his field in so many ways. He has been trained in EMDR, cognitive therapy (CTR), and structural dissociation to treat Complex PTSD and other dissociative disorders. He and his wife have two children. Ezra David Hilton was born at the start of the pandemic April 2020 and Delia Jane Gatti Hilton joined the crew in March 2022. He loves spending time with family and friends, drinking coffee, playing video games, and attending church. He has traveled to visit family in Florida, went to Montreal, and is planning on going to Virginia.
Hayle Grover
Hayle is in her final year of the MSW program while working full-time as a BHH case manager and assisting the Knox County Jail on a project. She got married in May of 2021 and soon after had her first baby on September 28th. Her son was a preemie, so they spent time in the NICU. He is one year old now.
Mitch Fossier, Tim Doherty, and Pat Shea 
Mitch, Tim, and Pat of the UMaine Men’s Hockey Team are back together on the ice playing for the Maine Mariners, ECHL affiliate of the Boston Bruins!