Spring 2015 Class Column

Jane Ledyard Lazo

(Mrs. Leo M.)

49 Martin Street

West Roxbury, MA 02132


Snow, snow, snow! Boston received 79 inches (between January 23 and Valentine’s Day) of that white stuff. People had been complaining that we weren’t having much of winter, a case of getting what you are asking for. Of course, the west coast didn’t fare much better. When we were at our daughter’s in Alameda, CA, over the holidays, temperatures were in the 30s and we ended 2014 with a 100+ year-old oak tree on their neighbor’s property, deciding it had had enough, and pulling the lines from the house, landing on two cars across the street. Four blankets and two comforters got us through the night—24 hours without heat, electricity, etc. I would bet that in the winter, walking in front of the library at the University of Maine is a rather cold and snowy undertaking—I seem to remember that it was the coldest place on campus while we were there.

Notes from the backs of envelopes: Nice photo of Rosalie Chase Ober ’58, ’80G and

Dave Ober’s ’58 extended family taken in Maine this past summer. Five grandchildren keep them on their toes.

Bob McKown ’58 and Lois Danzig McKown ’58, who have nine grandchildren, will be traveling to Israel with their daughter, Kim, on a pilgrimage. Lois said they were excited to go but would be as excited to come home. The Biscoes, Mark ’57 and Jane Quimby ’58, enjoyed 2014 with graduations, high school reunions, recitals (both dance and music), volunteering, and auditing classes “Old Radio Days” and the ”History of Wars.” Visit your local bookstore for the latest book by Mark, East Edgecomb: A Summer Place.

Larry Thurrell ’58 writes that he and classmates from Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, NH, took a week-long cruise up the Columbia and Snake Rivers last September. Said they had a great time and would recommend it. Tom and Barbara Hasey Andrews ’58 are two very proud great-grandparents. Weighing in at seven pounds, eight ounces, Reese Elizabeth Webber arrived in November. Barb says they are patiently awaiting their second great due in April. Everyone in the family is doing well. They are still on their Florida, Pennsylvania, and Maine schedule. Tom has finally retired and they fill their time with tennis, piano, reading, church, and volunteering.

Now for my usual—if you do not keep in contact with me, there will be no Class of ’58 column. I know that we are all getting older (ain’t the golden years great) but pick up the phone, drop me a note, send a letter with your donation to the university, anything that keeps me informed. I thank those of you who do keep in touch, but I would like to hear from the rest of you. If you think that the same names appear all the time, then pick up your pen, phone or whatever and let me know what you are doing. Those names that appear frequently are those who keep in touch. JLL