Jenny Desmond ’14

Rising Star Award Recipient

Jennifer Desmond ’14 received the Rising Star Award for her outstanding work and volunteerism in support of UMaine students and alumni.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from UMaine, Desmond went on to study at Ball State, but continued to serve as the Public Relations Chair of the All Maine Women Group, an Honor Society of distinguished female leaders, scholars, and outstanding role models. It is the highest all-inclusive honor society to which a University of Maine woman can belong.  She is now the Advisor to the current class of All Maine Women. In this role, she helps new inductees understand the traditions of the society and fosters in them a life-long love for the university.

“She is a wonderful mentor and resource for the young women inducted into AMW every year,” wrote Hannah Hudson, a member of the All Maine Women Alumni Affinity Group.  Immediately after graduation she returned to UMaine to serve as the Assistant Director of Admissions and Student Ambassador Programs from 2017 to 2019. During those years, she oversaw the student ambassador program, Team Maine, which works with incoming students and their families to welcome them to campus.

In 2019, Desmond became the coordinator for Leadership Development in the Undergraduate Student affairs office. Described as hardworking, compassionate, level- headed, and a natural leader, Desmond has brought all of those attributes to work for UMaine.

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