Blueberries in Maine This Year Will Be Late, But Sweet

UMaine’s Cooperative Extension sheds light on this year’s Maine blueberry harvest.

David Handley, vegetable and small fruit specialist with University of Maine Cooperative Extension, recently spoke with Maine Public and explained that in Maine, the harvest will be pushed back anywhere between 10 days and two weeks due to rain and colder temperatures.

The bright side, Handley notes, is that because of all the rain, the quality is good. Although a little late, the crop of wild blueberries will still be sweet.

Handley works primarily at Highmoor Farm, a Cooperative Extension Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station in Monmouth, Maine, with 17 acres in orchards and five acres of vegetables and small fruits. The Cooperative Extension also operates the Blueberry Hill Farm in Jonesboro, the only university-based wild blueberry research facility in the nation.