‘Framing Maine’ Series Features Authors Who Write About Maine

Paul Doiron and Kristen Lindquist were featured at the Nov. 8th Framing Maine series titled Framing Maine: Conversations with Storytellers and Imagemakers from the Pine Tree State.

The event included readings from their works, discussions on writing as a craft, and how the state of Maine has influenced their writing. Doiron and Lindquist, husband and wife, were also interviewed on stage by their friend, author, memoirist, and playwright Monica Wood.

Doiron’s writing centers around danger in the Maine woods and wilderness, while Lindquist’s poems focus on the raw beauty of elements in the Maine landscape. Their work centers around setting and place, working to draw the reader in. Their experience in the Maine wilderness stems from their hobbies: Doiron is an avid outdoorsman and registered Maine guide, and Lindquist is a birder, naturalist, and outdoor educator.

More information about the event can be found here.