Advanced Structures and Composites Center Saving Lives and Creating Jobs

UMaine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center’s work, recently highlighted by WABI, has benefited the U.S. military and driven economic prosperity in the state

“I was in my office, and I got a call one day,” Habib Dagher, Director of the Composites Center, told WABI. “Someone from the Army in Afghanistan that said ‘thank you very much. You’ve just saved a number of lives.’ You don’t get too many calls like this every day.”

The call referenced the Modular Ballistic Protection Systems, ballistic that turn the tent into “a large walking helmet,” according to Dagher.

The center also, through its Bridge in a Backpack program and 3D printed girders has partnered with two businesses, Comptotech and Advanced Infrastructure and Technologies. More about the story can be found here.