UMaine Attains Highest Research Classification

The University of Maine has achieved one of its top objectives, earning the nation’s highest possible status as a research university.

The Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education recently reclassified UMaine as an “R1” institution, the top level in its 24-tier classification system. With this new classification, UMaine is one of just 146 institutions out of 3,982 to achieve this prestigious status.

“Recognition as a top-tier research university is a testament to how hard our faculty and staff work pursuing understanding and creating knowledge,” said Joan Ferrini-Mundy, President of UMaine. “We are honored to be an R1 university because of what it means for Maine and invite all communities, students, innovators, and entrepreneurs to join us on our journey to define tomorrow.” 

This year has been a remarkable year for research at the university. The community generated $133.6 million in external funding for research and development activities. In addition, overall graduate and doctoral student enrollment at UMaine reached an all-time high. Read the university’s annual research report.

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