And the winner is…

Wesley Dunkle of Rockland, ME, is the winner of the Alumni Association’s annual Tuition Raffle. On May 6, UMaine Alumni Association president and CEO John Diamond ’77, ‘89G drew the winning ticket, which Daniel ’95 and Christine Thurston Dunkle ’96 submitted for their son, who will be a sophomore in the fall.

The ticket covers the cost of 30 credit hours of in-state tuition for the 2021-2022 academic year. The dollar value of the prize is more than $12,000, which the Alumni Association will pay to the university on Wes’s behalf.

“I wasn’t expecting it. I’d almost forgotten about it,“ recounted Wes. “It’s going to remove stress from the whole situation. Not having to pay for a whole year of tuition is astounding.” Learn more about Wes hearing the news here.

Sponsored by University Credit Union, this year’s Alumni Association Tuition Raffle received more than 140,000 entries, a record-high amount.