Beloved Maine Outing Club Cabin to be Renovated by Magnolia Network’s Maine Cabin Masters

The Maine Outing Club’s Cabin in Carrabassett Valley near Sugarloaf Mountain will be getting a facelift. The cabin was selected for renovation by the Maine Cabin Masters of the Magnolia Network. Now, the club is fundraising $20,000 needed to complete the renovation by September 1st.

The Outing Club entered their cabin as a “shot in the dark,” said Orion-Bay Tucker, treasurer of the club. The Maine Cabin Masters receive thousands of applicants each year from cabin owners who want to participate in the docu-follow television show which documents the restoration and renovation of cabins in Maine by the Kennebec Cabin Company, led by contractor Chase Morrill, his designer sister Ashley Morrill and her carpenter husband Ryan Eldridge, along with carpenters Jared Baker and Matthew Dix.

The cabin was originally used as an off-campus trip destination for teaching basic camp skills. Since 1926 it has been through several rounds of demolishing and rebuilding until 1958, when the club leased land near Sugarloaf Mountain from Scott Paper Company to build a cabin that would serve as a hub for club ski trips.

The Maine Cabin Masters began renovations on June 21 and are expected to finish by the first of September, one year before the club’s 100th anniversary. The episode will air on the next season of the show. To donate, visit the campaign here.