Authors from the Class of 1963

Dana Dolloff

Dear Classmates,

Thanks for the compliments on the John Diamond video that was sent to you in early September.  I can also recommend the three videos that are available and appear at the very end of our presentation. The one featuring Dr. Mayewski in particular focuses on his role as the leader of a 2019 expedition to Mount Everest, sponsored and organized by National Geographic and Rolex, that installed the world’s highest weather-monitoring station and extracted the highest-altitude ice core ever collected. You can also find it at

We are looking for Class of 1963 authors (books).  Please let us know if you have published or know another classmate that should be recognized.  This inquiry started when Tim Hanson ’63 contacted us to offer his share of the proceeds of Kindle sales of his book to the Class of 1963. The book is Prisoner of Peace, Kindle Edition on Amazon ($2.99) – It has a green cover vs an F-16 and pilot on the cover of an earlier edition.  You can find the book on Amazon by clicking here.

I got the book and after a few pages in couldn’t stop, so read it in one sitting.  A true and chilling tale involving a mid-air collision of a KC135 tanker, Tim lands the plane without two of the four engines and no rudder control. Tim gets court martialed, and has to deal with some very unhappy generals.

We know Bernd Heinrich has published a number of books (and is featured in a public television documentary). Who else? Feel free to email me back with any names you might have!

Thank You!

Dana Dolloff – Class of 1963 President