Senior Alumni

Group Officers

President Elwood "Woody" Beach '51
First Vice President Vacant
Second Vice President Patricia O'Connell Keene '67
Treasurer Gary Cran '62
Secretary Thomas Perry '67
Correspondent Nancy Morse Dysart '60
Senior Alumni Committee Robert M. Chase '45, Douglas M. Morton '50, Jean McIntire White '52, Stuart Haskell '56, James Varner '57, Alan F. Merritt '58, Evelyn Stevens Smith '59, Don Cookson '59, Louis C. King '60, Etta Libby Davenport '61, Andy McGarry '61, Gail Hoxie Brown '63, Gerald C. Ellis '64, Carolyn Zachary '65, Harold "Harry" Ellsworth '65, Kay York Johnson '66, Father Philip C. Jacobs, III '66, Penny Robinson Blaisdell '68, Donna Porter Erikson '68, Calista E. Wiberg-Hannigan '89G

For questions or to get involved, contact Annie Cambridge or call 207-581-1142.

To make a gift to our Group Fund, contact the Reunion giving department at 1-800-934-2586 or give using the Online Giving Form.