Senior Skull Society

Group Officers

Vice President Nick Smith '14
Undergraduate Co-Advisor Sean Sibley '14
Undergraduate Co-Advisor Jonathan Roy '16
Board Woody Carville '53, '54G, Orono, ME, Skip Chappelle '62, Veazie, ME, Steven Ritzi '86, Tampa, FL, Brent Larlee '86, Marblehead, MA, Pat Dunn '84, Flowery Branch, GA, Baron Hicken '63, Alfred, ME, Seth Robertson '06, Newtonville, MA, Matt Hunter '07, Unity, ME, Matt Ciampa '10, '12G, Boston, MA, Justin Labonte '10, Morristown, NJ

For questions or to get involved, contact Annie Cambridge or call 207-581-1142.

To make a gift to our Group Fund, contact the Reunion giving department at 1-800-934-2586 or give using the Online Giving Form.