Kelsey Stoyanova ’14, ’18G, ’23EdS – Rising Star Award

Kelsey Stoyanova ’14, ’18G, ’23EdS is a highly-regarded educator in the Bangor school system. Within just ten years of obtaining her first UMaine degree, Stoyanova earned two additional post-graduate degrees and has become an award-winning teacher. For her contributions to her community, her continued efforts to support and improve the education of young minds, and her rapid rise to become a celebrated leader in her field, Stoyanova has been selected for the Rising Star Award. 

As a member of the Educate Maine Board of Directors, Stoyanova advocates for students and the teaching profession. She served as a member of her district’s equity and inclusion committee, taking the lead during the first year of the committee’s work to lead two district-wide trainings on racial literacy. Stoyanova presents at conferences and teacher programs including being the keynote speaker at the Leadership Luncheon at the 2022 Educate Maine Symposium. 

Some of Stoyanova’s many accomplishments include earning the Book Love Foundation Award, Maine Education Association Honor Medal Award, the 2021 Penobscot County Teacher of the Year, and 2022 Maine Teacher of the Year. She currently teaches English at Bangor High School.


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