The Maine Book Online

The complete contents of “The Maine Book: University of Maine Athletics 1881-2007″ are now posted here on the M Club website.

The massive book was a labor of love for former UMaine athletic director Stu Haskell ’56 and our on-line version is a valuable resource for anyone who is not fortunate enough to have a copy of the book, which is now out of print. Our thanks to Stu for making “The Maine Book” available to all.

Every team, every athlete, everyone who ever performed for the Black Bears up until 2007 is here. The records, the statistics, team photos. If it’s not in the book, it didn’t happen.

The M Club owes Stu many thanks for making the complete record book, almost 800 pages, available to everyone.

In addition to the complete list of chapters below, we have included  The Maine Book covers, outside front and back, and spine, and Stu’s Introduction.  The M Club is indebted to Stu for giving his permission for us to bring the complete book to you online. The complete table of contents:

01-M Club

02-M Club Dean Smith Award

03-Athletic Hall of Fame

04-Maine’s Songs

05-University of Maine Foundation

06-The Maine Staff

07-The Latti Contributions

08-Athletic Training



11-Men’s Basketball

12-Women’s Basketball


14-Men’s Cross Country

15-Women’s Cross Country

16-Field Hockey




20-Men’s Ice Hockey

21-Women’s Ice Hockey

22-Men’s Indoor Track

23-Women’s Indoor Track

24-Men’s Outdoor Track

25-Women’s Outdoor Track

26-Men’s Relay



29-Men’s Skiiing

30-Women’s Skiiing

31-Men’s Soccer

32-Women’s Soccer


34-Men’s Swimming

35-Women’s Swimming

36-Men’s Tennis

37-Women’s Tennis