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Class Officers   2010-2015

President:  Ashley Robinson  Vice President:  Matt Donahue  Treasurer:  Matthew Ciampa
Public Relations Chair: Catie-Ann Cardner  Fundraising Chair:  Morgan Malley  Class Agent/Gift Chair: Owen McCarthy   Social Co- chairs: Cory Davis,  Katie Wetherbee Historian: Rebecca Morton  Secretary: Chelsea Tanguay  Exec. Committee: Holly Knight, Gimbala Sankare  Class Correspondent: Bobby Collins 

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The Class of 2010 had a great time at Homecoming celebrating our 5th Reunion!


Below is the class column from the Spring 2014 issue of MAINE Alumni Magazine.

Greetings, Class of 2010, I hope everyone had a safe, enjoyable winter and you are ready for the longer days of summer.

Right off the bat I would like to congratulate two members of the University of Maine Class of 2010 on their recent marriages. Jack Keenan ’10 married Elizabeth Dauphinee, a 2011 graduate of Husson University from Corinth, ME, on November 16, 2013. Another classmate, Lana Scott ’10, ’12, was married on September 7, 2013. Lana married Roger Schaefer, a graduate of Colgate University, on Martha’s Vineyard. Congratulations to both of our University of Maine classmates on their marriages and best of luck on your new families.

It was less than a year ago when we recognized Matt O’Connell ’10 and congratulated him on his new position as head coach of Newport, ME’s, Nokomis High School football team. After his first year as head coach of the football team, Matt and his brother, Dan O’Connell, teamed up to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society. Dan is the football coach for the John Bapst Crusaders. Neither football team made the playoffs this year, so the two brothers decided to get their teams together for a game they are calling the “Mrs. O Bowl.” The proceeds from the football game were donated to the MS Society in their mother’s name.

The UMaine Business Challenge, which was started in 2011 by four members of the 2010 graduating class, is continuing to grow at the University of Maine and around the state. James Morin ’10, Owen McCarthy ’10, Matt Ciampa ’10, ’12G, and Sangam Lama ’10 wanted to give back to the university when they left and saw a void that they wanted to fill. In 2010, the flagship university for the state of Maine did not have a student business competition that encouraged entrepreneurship and incentivized graduates to stay in Maine. It started off small, only open to students at UMaine, but has taken off and is now open to the whole University of Maine System and Husson University. By creating the UMaine Business Challenge, four members of the Class of 2010 are helping to make new and exciting student ideas into reality.

Congratulations to all of our fellow 2010 graduates with their successes in the workplace and personal lives. It is always nice to hear how our University of Maine alumni are doing since they left the university, so if you have any news about yourself or another graduate, please send me an update and I will be sure to include it in the next column. I hope everyone enjoys the summer and I look forward to seeing everyone at Homecoming.

Bobby Collins

12 Hunt Court

Flemington, NJ 08822

Matt Donahue '10, '12G presented for Big Brothers, Big Sisters at a Networking event at Buchanan Alumni House in the winter of 2014

January 11, 2014, Boston, MA
Frozen Fenway
We hope to see you at the Green Monster as the Black Bear men's hockey takes on Boston University for another appearance at Frozen Fenway!  Look for posting about a Class of 2010 pre-game event!
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L to R: Todd Saucier '93, '97G, '44H, Alison Dunn Burke '10 and her brother Brian.
Photo taken at DC Black Bears Alumni After Hours gathering in DC, 9-27-13.

Owen McCarthy (R)  received the Block "M" Award in April 2013 from UMAA president, Todd Saucier '93, '97G.

Three 2010 graduates, Owen McCarthy, Matt Ciampa, and James Morin have teamed up to start the Maine Business Challenge. To read the story in UMaine News, click here.

Traditions Garden

While our plan has changed, the Class of 2010 is pleased to announce their (new and improved) class gift to the University. The Class created a Traditions Garden which is located outside of the Buchanan Alumni House. This Garden highlights ten important traditions that shape the history of the University, and is built beside the walkway that enters into the McIntire Main Event Room. The garden includes a stepping stone path, benches and plantings. Informational plaques mounted on posts along the path  includes a description of each of the following traditions: the All-Maine Women and the Sophomore Eagles, the Senior Skulls and the Sophomore Owls, Maine Day and Ivy Day, the Beanie and the Maine Hello, and the Mascot and the "Stein Song."

The Class of 2010 was very fortunate to be able to place their gift at the entrance to the McIntire Room because it is where the majority of the visitors to Buchanan enter the building. The popularity of this entrance ensures that the Garden will be enjoyed by a large number of guests. The building is used by alumni, current students, visitors, and by the Dirigo Tour Guides, when they show off our campus to potential students.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony, Homecoming 2010.


Some of the Class of 2010 officers at Fogler Library.


Class of 2010

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