Class of 1959

Welcome to the Class of 1959. We’d love to hear from you. Please take a few moments and share your news with classmates.

For questions or to get involved in class activities, please contact Ashley Nemer ’10, ’12G at (207) 581-1144.

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Class Officers 2014-2019

President Don Cookson
Vice President/Class Agent Torrey Sylvester
Secretary/Class Correspondent Nancy Roberts Munson
Treasurer Peggy Mahar Steck
Reunion Chair Helen Inman Boomer
Executive Committee Evie Stevens Smith, Pete Hannah, Willard C. Farnham, Joe Cuccaro, Pat Benner Keenan, Helen Inman Boomer, Kerry Foster, Alola Giffin Morrison, Honorary Members:, Anne Adams Collins '61, Christine Corro, Susan Mullaney Cookson,

To make a gift to our Class Reunion Fund, contact the Reunion giving department at 1-800-934-2586 or give using the Online Giving Form.