Champion of UMaine Award

  • Recognizes an individual who, though not an alumnus or alumna of UMaine, has provided exceptional, effective, and sustained advocacy and support for UMaine’s mission and quality.
  • One award may be given annually  
  • Only non-alumni are eligible
  • Not eligible: any current UMAA board member, current UMAA or UMaine Foundation employee, or current member of the Alumni Awards Selection Committee

Nomination materials:

  1. At least two letters from nominators detailing the nominee’s efforts to support and advocate for UMaine’s mission and quality
  2. One additional letter from a UMaine Cabinet member, dean, or program director detailing, in ways relevant to the award, the nominee’s performance and achievements in support of UMaine

Click here for online nomination form.

Recipients by year

2019 Miles Unobsky Theeman
2018 Norman Minsky ’52H