Fogler Legacy Award

The Fogler Legacy Award is presented to one family that has a strong tradition of attending the University of Maine. The recipient must include a minimum of three generations of graduates. At least two of the family members must have a record of outstanding service to their alma mater, the Alumni Association, their community, and/or their profession.

  • One award may be given annually
  • Only alumni are eligible
  • Not eligible: any current UMAA board member, current UMAA or UMaine Foundation employee, or current member of the Alumni Awards Selection Committee

Nomination materials:

  1. At least two letters from nominators detailing the family’s record of prominent service to UMaine, their communities, and/or their professions as exemplified by the family members who graduated from UMaine
  2. One additional letter from a UMaine Cabinet member, dean, or program director detailing, in ways relevant to the award, the family’s service and achievements

Click here for online nomination form.

Recipients by year

The family of Don ’49* & Patricia Collins ’49
Patriarch: Samuel Collins ’19*

Knowlton Family
Patriarch: Ralph Knowlton ’48

Woodbrey Family
Patriarch: Henry Woodbrey ’53

Wheeler Family
Patriarch: Manchester Hayes Wheeler ’29*

Watson Family
Patriarch: Harry D. Watson ’20*

Crowley Family
Patriarch: Nathaniel Crowley, Sr. ’42*

Doten Family
Matriarch: Cora Russell Doten ’23*

Foster Family
Patriarch: Walter Herbert Foster, Sr., Class of 1905*

Freeman & Brockway Families
Patriarch: George L. Freeman, Class of 1903*

Haskell Family
Patriarch: Edwin Haskell, Class of 1872*

Higgins-Bodwell Family
Patriarch: Royal Higgins, Class of 1917*

Harvey Family
Patriarch: Chandler Cushman Harvey, Class of 1890*

Fogler Family
Patriarch: Raymond H. Fogler, Class of 1915*

*denotes deceased